Life Changing Personal Development & Coaching

At some time in our lives we all turn to someone for advice, an honest answer or simply someone to listen and understand. But what I can provide as a Life Coach in Orange County, CA are two of the most important elements that any valuable friend could ever offer: Insight and the motivation to take positive action.

life coach orange county caThis is what true personal development is all about and what coaching is truly striving for: MEASURABLE RESULTS

I do not engage in psychotherapy or other outdated, unworkable methods. I am not about dwelling in the past looking for excuses on why you should continue to fail or struggle. Because of my training, background and access to powerful knowledge, we can work together to achieve and realize your most heart-felt goals. I am spiritually orientated and know that all of us possess a greater amount of ability than we grant ourselves to have. I want to help you to recognize your own power and put it to use.

As a woman, wife, mother of two and business owner, I know the challenges of making it all happen. I have developed a plan for success that I want to share with you. While I encounter the barriers like the rest of us, I have developed a powerful sense of self-confidence and an unfaltering purpose to help others in life.

Benefit From My Expertise & Personal Attention

Almost all of the greatest athletes and sharpest minds in our history turn to a coach, teacher, or mentor for personal development, spiritual growth and overall well-being.

As a specialist in personal development and coaching women, I will help you to assess the exact CAUSES to your problems or difficulties so that we can develop a plan that helps you to improve any non-ideal situation with your marriage, your family life, business or your own personal goals. Without insight to what we want and what is in our way, it is impossible to draw a map for our lives. And it is this very insight and map that I will provide you.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Why We Should Work Together

While others may try to give advice in the form of clichés or patterns not fit for everyone, I prefer to elevate your ability with knowledge, tools and life skills. Only with a higher understanding and unshakable certainty can you feel confident and successfully go in the direction of your dreams.

I am a certified spiritual counselor who has worked with business leaders, as well as those who are gripped by addiction to alcohol and medication. From the top down, to the bottom up, I have given guidance to people of all ages and professions to address whatever they found to be in the way and helped them to overcome it with understanding and a sense of partnership. Feel free to contact me for a free, informal consultation.

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