Life Purpose Coach

To be truly happy, you must have and follow a purpose that is truly yours. Life purpose coaching is a unique type of coaching tailored to your individual needs, desires and personal goals. As Helen Keller said, “True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”

Key to knowing and achieving our purposes is putting down what we want to achieve and aligning all of our actions and plans around that goal and purpose. While that may sound simple, it can really be a process of elimination of all the clutter in our minds and life to truly discern what are role is in life and how to overcome anything and everything to make our purpose come alive. These are the key services that I provide in my life purpose coaching program:

  • Goal setting
  • How to set a target and meet it
  • Aligning your life to a real purpose
  • How to successfully deal with confusion
  • The secret to efficiency
  • How to get motivated
  • Staying focused despite obstacles and failures
  • How to deal with those who negate or invalidate your goals and purposes

Life purpose coaching not only clarifies what goal and purpose you should be following, but just as importantly, how to deal with and overcome the barriers and distractions to achieving one’s purpose in life. The vast majority of barriers to one’s goals are those from individuals who do not wish you to succeed, and use all manner of comments and barbs to covertly stop you from succeeding. Usually, it is fake, claiming that they only trying to “Help you as a friend.” With my powerful coaching methods and tools, I can show you how to deal with them with ease so you can move forward and flourish and prosper in life.

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