As a marriage counselor with over a decade of counseling experience, I offer Orange County, CA couples key insights. The key question is, “What do you do when a marriage is falling apart?” I have found in dealing with many couples that there are key basics that when addressed, open the door to a resolution.

Marriage Counseling is a type of counseling that specializes in getting to the root causes of the breakdown of the marriage. To accomplish this, we must isolate these causes while avoiding recriminations or how each other is blaming the other. The marriage counselor evolved out of traditional one-on-one therapy as a means of helping “the relationship” and those involved. Unfortunately, too many of today’s marriages yet end in divorce.

Seeking a competent and understanding marriage counselor has become a popular way couples can attempt to save their marriage. Research demonstrates the effectiveness of marriage counseling. Nevertheless, it still does require some commitment on the part of the individuals involved in order to be successful.

What Are The Most Common Marriage Problems Addressed?

Many times, couples have come to me for help with healing and recovery from affairs, communication problems and intimacy.  Additionally, I have dealt with alcohol and drug addiction issues that very often wreaks havoc marriages.

It has been my experience in working with couples, that my unique type of counseling offers a completely thorough approach to rebuilding trust. Moreover, I teach new skills in the area of communication and relationship building that allows the couple to mend any future troubles. I help couples to discover how they can now move forward from whatever is troubling the relationship.  If you are on the verge of a break-up, separation or divorce, I stand ready to be of any assistance for you and your spouse.

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