Parenting Skills

When it comes to raising children, developing parenting skills is a key personal development goal for mothers, fathers and grandparents who have become the prime adult in a child and/or teen’s life. As the components of life have become more complex in today’s fast-paced society, it is critical that parenting skills be developed so one can stay relatively sane.

Stress Management

What is stress management truly concerned with when it comes to helping individuals? The essence of stress management is not how to try to escape stress or how to avoid it, but rather how to deal with stress successfully. As part of the many powerful and effective services that I offer, let me help you or a loved one with my stress management coaching.

Women & Small Business

For women, owning and running a small business can present unique challenges as well as become a great opportunity for personal growth, empowerment and financial freedom. But to create the success one needs small business tools that are highly effective, and a small business marketing plan that generates new clients and high profitability.

Grief & Trauma

The loss of a loved one, a bitter divorce, estrangement from loved ones and even the loss of a business can be the source of grief and sorrow. As someone who has rendered spiritually based grief and trauma counseling, I have a deep sense of empathy and compassion for those who are grieving and mourning.

Drug Detox

Having personally worked with hundreds of individuals as a drug detox & rehab specialist over the years, I know what problems and challenges that need to be overcome to live a dependency free life. Whether that dependency is alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, opiates or the wide host of other street drugs, I have the knowledge and resources to bring about a positive change.

Marriage Counseling

Where does one turn to when your marriage is struggling to survive? Everywhere one turns it seems someone has some opinion or recent study about marriage and what makes it successful.



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