Drug Detox Counseling & Rehab Specialist

Having personally worked with hundreds of individuals as a drug detox counselor & rehab specialist over the years, I know what problems and challenges that need to be overcome to live a dependency free life. Whether that dependency is alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, opiates or the wide host of other street drugs, I have the knowledge and resources to bring about a positive change.

Drug dependency is more than something that I studied in books or at a university. I myself overcame years of drug usage, but only when I found the right tools and drug detox counseling technology to help me rise above and live a life free from dependency and addiction.

I quite often work with medical professionals to assist in the detox and rehab process when needed. Very often medical treatment is needed to start a competent, medically supervised detox and rehab program. As well, I work with a licensed in-patient detox facility. It is the drug detox counseling and life-skill coaching that I provide so that a person learns how to cope with the situations that drove the person to addiction. Whether that be personal issues with anxiety or abuse, marital problems, financial stress or any other of life’s common challenges, I have the experience and tools to help calm down strained nerves and relationships.

While we know that drug and alcohol addiction can destroy personal happiness, marriages and even bring death, we quite often do not know what to do. Moreover, I have seen many of my clients go in and out of dozens of twelve step programs, rehab facilities and other drug detox programs that have failed them in terms of results. It is true that I cannot assure results, nor can anyone. But I have the resources and tools to deliver a much higher level of success than what many detox programs can achieve. A typical detox protocol requires:

  • Intervention
  • Recognition that help is needed
  • A demand for improvement from the addicted person
  • Medical observation and tests
  • Medical detox (supervised by a competent M.D.)
  • In-patient detox at a high caring, competent facility’
  • Coaching & counseling to alleviate the emotional, mental & spiritual causes
  • Training new life skills to give the person the know-how to deal with people and stress

Feel free to contact me to help you and your family to deal with one of life’s most stressful and life-threatening situations: Drug & alcohol addiction.