Grief and Loss Counseling, Depression Counseling

The loss of a loved one, a bitter divorce, estrangement from loved ones and even the loss of a business can be the source of grief and sorrow. As someone who has rendered spiritually based grief and trauma counseling, I have a deep sense of empathy and compassion for those who are grieving and mourning.

Is recovery from grief and trauma possible? Yes, I know anyone who wants to be helped can be.

I know from my years of work in personal development and coaching, we all at one point lose someone or something that is near to us. While most of us are able to deal with many of these incidents, there can be one or two that are so severe and traumatic that we literally “freeze in time.” When the mind becomes so fixed in loss, it becomes impossible to live in the present and to create our future. Many times this loss takes us out of the game called life and it begins to worry those around us.

Severe loss and trauma, resulting is bouts of grief and depression, can lead to addiction, infidelity, promiscuity, work interruption, angry outbursts, chronic depression or worse. There is no need to live like this when effective grief and loss counseling can be effectively rendered.

The key to recovery is recognizing that the loss that is causing the grief and loss is ruining one’s life and one’s future. Only when the person rises to a need and then a demand to improve them can effective counseling and coaching begin to work. In any endeavor in life, the person themselves must see the need and act upon their own recognition to rise above what is holding them back.

Beginning a new life free from grief and a deep sense of loss is possible. Loss is a part of life, but by no means does it mean that we have to stop living from that point forward. And while it is easy to try to overcome these losses with reasonable ideas, talking to friends and other temporary distractions or alleviations, there is a time to seek the counseling needed to begin and complete the healing process. Spiritually and mentally based, the counseling that I offer is significantly different in that we are able to erase enough of the pain that one can look to the future and start living again.

Feel free to contact me to help yourself, or someone you love, to overcome grief and trauma so as to gain back happiness and fulfillment in life.