Marriage Counseling, Family Counseling

Where does one turn to when your marriage is struggling to survive?

Everywhere one turns it seems someone has some opinion or recent study about marriage and what makes it successful. Countless authors of hundreds of “how to” books have endless advice and magazine articles that just add to the overwhelm and complexity as to why marriages do not work out.

Unfortunately it seems so commonplace for a marriage to fail that it is easy to throw up one’s hands and give up. Too many divorces seems an inevitable and unavoidable dead-end for too many married couples. Fortunately, there are some simple and practical exercises, courses and time-tested know-how to bring understanding where there has only been heartache and confusion.

As a married woman and a mother of two wonderful and happy children, I understand how to utilize the most effective and modern marriage counseling techniques and marriage advice that will shed light on those age-old questions as to why your marriage may be failing. While no one can guarantee that a married couple will stay together, I can work with you alone, or with you and your spouse, to help restore communication in your relationship, no matter how strained. When we are complete with the marriage counseling, I usually suggest one of several marriage courses. I believe that many marriages fail simply due to fact that we rushed into marriage with no real tools or know-how to make it work. Rationality can only be brought into a marriage when one has an understanding of how marriages work, how to communicate more effective, as well as establishing a set of agreements that both partners are happy with.

In my view, I regard the family as the building block of our society. Thus it is important to me that your marriage survives as an essential component of a stable and happy family life. Again, I can assure anyone that all marriages will stay together. The reality is that no one, including a counselor or life coach, can make someone stay in a relationship that they have resolved to leave.

When you feel that it is time to provide yourself with professional and competent assistance, with a strong sense of empathy and understanding, then feel free to contact myself for a free 1-hour consultation. You never know, our meeting just may lead to your marriage being salvaged!