In 2013, Athena Personal Development plans on establishing a Spiritual Retreat in the American Southwest. Although we do not have a exact location secured as of yet, we are looking to place our spiritual retreat in either Sante Fe, New Mexico or Sedona, Arizona. Both of these places have a special meaning to us and are popular and upscale locations for resorts, retreats and vacations.

We believe that the true purpose of a spiritual retreat is to offer any individual the opportunity to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday living. This assists one to gain a fresh and exterior view on your life, your purpose and plans on how you can to build your life to a more ideal. Moreover, this is best coupled with powerful knowledge, spiritual counseling as well as healthy eating & exercise.

Our prime purpose will be to establish a spiritual retreat for women, offering a place of empowerment to enable women to become better mothers, successful entrepreneurs and individuals who help bring about better families, thriving communities, successful businesses and a peaceful Earth.

Spiritual retreats are popular due to the fact that they can bring about lasting changes in a person’s life. With the aid of removing yourself from the hostilities, stresses, pressures and upsets of your life, you can gain new understandings and insights on how to conquer your fears, mend relationships and begin a new plan of success, prosperity and personal happiness.

Our spiritual retreat will offer spiritual counseling, personal improvement courses as well as fostering new habits for personal wellness and health. This may involve all types of medical and nutritional therapies in coordination with trained and competent professionals from these fields. Additionally, with the rise of substance abuse we also plan on offering detox solutions that lead to recovery, not further addiction to new substances.

Our spiritual retreat will not be an end in itself, but a step towards a bigger bridge to spiritual freedom, competence and better living.