Finding Authentic Happiness

On November 7, 2011, in Way to Happiness, by carlie

The goal of all personal development and life coaching is finding authentic happiness for each person that I work with. Everyone defines happiness in our own unique manner, but no matter how we go about creating it within our lives, finding authentic happiness is what my stated purpose as a Life Coach is all about.

All of us have asked at one time or another, “What is happiness?”  It has been a search of mine for many years and when I read the book, The Way to Happiness, I knew that this book was not only a tool for myself, but something I could share and use to dramatically to improve the lives of others.

And what is a positive aspect is that this book is non-religious. It requires no faith or belief, but simply an understanding of 21 common sense precepts, that when understood and applied, bring about a greater calm to any hostile or negative situation. So anyone of any faith, or one that has no religious affiliation, can use these precepts to gain a better understanding of what we must do to build our road toward our dreams and ambitions.

I use it because it works. It works on people who have read all of it and it works on people who are barely literate. I have no time as a Life Coach for experimentation when I am helping people. I require effective tools that produce results and this is one of my most powerful tools in accomplishing great deeds in people’s lives.

Recently, The Way to Happiness was produced into a 2-hour DVD that is simply amazing. Moreover, each precept from the book was made into a series of public service announcements. This video link is a PSA concerning the last precept, precept 21, Flourish and Prosper.