Orange County, CAPersonality tests are used in almost every nation on earth for counseling, selection, and placement. Testing occurs in settings as diverse as schools, civil service, industry, medical clinics, and counseling centers. Most persons have taken dozens of tests and thought nothing of it.

Although the widespread use of psychological testing is largely a phenomenon of the twentieth century, historians note that rudimentary forms of testing date back to at least 2200 B.C. when the Chinese emperor had his officials examined every third year to determine their fitness for office. Five topics were tested: civil law, military affairs, agriculture, revenue, and geography.

Today, we have more modern tools and a deeper understanding with many books on the subject of the mind, the spirit and how our personalities effect our job, success in marriage, income earning potential and our overall view of life and satisfaction.

“The real purpose of the personality test,” said Life Coach Carlie Dearborn, “is to help the person identify key strengths and using them fully to help raise the areas of one’s life that are not as strong. By identifying the strengths, we can then develop a plan of action to build upon those and address weak areas for better, more well-rounded skill-sets so we can start to make positive changes and transitions in life.”

Life coaching is best done with an assessment of critical factors such as ability to handle and manage stress, public speaking, how well we resolve conflicts, activity level, organizational skills, empathy level, responsibility level, leadership capability and many more.

By survey, most Americans have a high opinion about personality tests. In fact, in a recent survey conducted in Orange County, CA, over 63% of the people surveyed said that personality tests are “highly accurate”. Moreover, they are mostly used in universities and professional corporations to help identify skills, abilities and native aptitude in all areas of life.

One of the free introductory services offered by Athena Coaching is the personality test. It only takes about 30 minutes to fill out and provides invaluable insight in how to properly address anyone’s concerns and problems.



Orange County, CA – A typical protocol for a natural alcohol detox can be a help to not only the person who needs intervention, but as well as to the loved ones who share in the suffering in the addiction of a loved one.

When a person has been drinking considerable amounts of alcohol for a number of years, alcohol withdrawal symptoms are likely to occur when the drinker attempts to stop or cut back consumption. In severe cases, alcohol withdrawal can be painfully unpleasant, dangerous and even life-threatening. It is not recommended for a heavy daily drinker to abruptly stop consuming alcohol without a detox plan in place. For various reasons, people may prefer to use natural methods to safely detox from alcohol.

Having been trained in the best natural alcohol detox methods, and having helped hundreds of people over the years, one must seek professional advice and proper medical attention to years of alcohol abuse and addiction.

Vitamin Deficiency

Alcoholism and vitamin deficiency go hand in hand. An alcoholic’s diet is usually poor and so they don’t get the balanced nutrition their bodies need including the right amount of vitamins. Combine this with the high consumption of alcohol, which leads to the body’s inability to absorb vitamins. For alcoholics, the complex system of nutrition is compromised, leading to an array of complicated health issues. Here is a list of some vitamins that get depleted during the consumption of alcohol and the effects that has upon our health:

Folate is a water-soluble B vitamin that occurs naturally in foods like fruits, grains and vegetables. It helps produce and maintain new cells. Excess alcohol decreases the absorption of folate into the intestines by altering the cells in the lining. This further impairs absorption of water and other nutrients. Alcoholics typically don’t have enough folate in their diets.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) aids the central nervous system. Your body uses it to process fats, carbs and proteins. An alcoholic’s body is unable to properly absorb Thiamine leading to a deficiency.  This deficiency can lead to Beriberi, a disease that causes lesions of nerves, general debility, and painful rigidity.

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is necessary for the production of red blood cells and for the maintenance of your hair, nails, and skin. It’s also important for cell growth. Alcohol inhibits the absorption of B2 into your system. Deficiency in B2 can play a role in the onset of anemia, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines and cataracts.

Vitamin B6 is required for the proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems. It’s found in fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, and poultry. Alcohol promotes the loss of B6.

Vitamin B12 “is required for proper red blood cell formation, neurological function, and DNA synthesis,” according to the National Institutes of Health. Moderate and heavy alcohol consumption affects the levels of B12. Deficiencies can cause megaloblastic anemia, fatigue, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, and weight loss.

Vitamin A is found in fruits, vegetables and some animals. It regulates the immune system, helps bone growth, reproduction, cell division, and vision. Excess alcohol can deplete the stores of vitamin A in the body. Also, alcoholics rarely get the required amounts of Vitamin A in their diets, causing a further depletion.

Vitamin D occurs in very few foods. It is, according to National Institutes of Health, “produced endogenously when ultraviolet rays from sunlight strike the skin and trigger vitamin D synthesis.” It helps to strengthen the bones. Alcoholics become deficient in Vitamin D because alcohol inhibits fat absorption and the vitamin is often absorbed through fats in the diet.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps maintain cells. Some scientists think that Vitamin E may help prevent the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer. It may also protect against dangerous free radicals in cigarette smoke, air pollution, and the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

When Carlie Dearborn began the Irvine California based Athena Personal Development & Coaching, she wanted to be a part of the solution, not the problem.  Athena is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and wisdom is part of what makes Ms. Dearborn simply the best at what she does. Whereas she has helped countless individuals identify and overcome drug & alcohol addictions, her technique is time tested and proven in other areas of life as well.

Carlie enjoys sailing off the Southern California Coast where she and her husband, Ed, and their two children, live.

She understands the need and value of all-denominational counseling through her own personal experience. When she was a young girl growing up, Carlie faced many uncertainties but one thing remained clear; her desire to rise above and to make a better life for herself. The desires of betterment were not just self-oriented, Carlie embarked upon a journey that would one day make the world a better place – one person at a time.

After four years of intensive study Carlie Dearborn became a certified all-denominational, pastoral counselor. She has currently been practicing for eight years and her training covers a myriad of  important topics like;  communication, relationships, the resolution of problems, personal goal setting, grief & trauma counseling, stress management  and the basics of running a successful and productive business.

She gained extensive experience in the field of drug and alcohol intervention, detox and rehabilitation by working at a premier drug & alcohol medical detox and rehabilitation facility in Southern California.

When asked “Why pastoral counseling Dearborn?  “It moves me away from the limited psychiatric approach and into the realm of the human spirit. From this vantage point I get much better results all around.” says Carlie.

Most people can overcome the problems they face in life when permitted to identify the sources of them, whether with common problems of everyday life, or when addressing addiction/alcoholism.  Athena Personal Development and Coaching is there to provide workable solutions for relief.  Dearborn has built a tangible platform by allotting a tailor made approach to each person, for maximum recovery. Whether a client has medical, environment, traumatic problems or unforeseen life situations, her methodology is to look at each case individually, versus using a “blanket approach.”

When asked how she felt about Psychotropic medicines, Methadone and Suboxone chemical drug replacements, she shared her expertise in those areas.  “They do not solve any part of the problem, really.  They do not offer a real lasting solution. So many medications are misused into a treatment plan, merely a “band-aid”.  For example, a heroin user may be issued methadone for a detox plan.  Sure he is no longer turning to black-market substances on the streets, we hope.  But he is still endlessly addicted to highly addictive substance with no end in sight.  This cannot be considered a true detox plan. Addictive substances are not a solution for addiction.

12 Step programs certainly offer hope and a sense community for some.  However it depicts that they are Addicts for life.  I believe each person has a choice.  And with that choice comes the potential to truly overcome addiction. A tailored treatment plan is designed for Athena clients; and they are all treated with respect and the utmost quality no matter what!

Ms. Dearborn works with Individuals one on one, and with their families. Almost always, the family has a part in the addictive person’s life. Whether it is enabling them or doing nothing at all. Most often, professional help is necessary. Athena Personal Development & Coaching and Carlie Dearborn will always provide practical tools for the current situations their clients face in life; now and into the future.

About Deborah A. Culp, Contributing Writer

Deborah A. Culp ( Contributing Writer)

Deborah A. Culp is a Freelance Journalist & Consultant with over 20 years of hard earned experience in the business. This includes Print & Broadcast Media. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, she now lives in Wilmington, NC. She is a Correspondent to Divine Caroline, TPEPost News, The History of Jazz Music, and For ColoredGurls and formerly with the Wilmington Star News Online. Deborah recently became the Parent & Family Expert for the, Wilmington/Fayetteville, and NC. Still operating as a Freelance Writer/Photographer. She is working on her first book; “Then there was laughter” and has a few business endeavor irons in the fire. She is a staunch volunteer and loves her family & friends.


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After working for years as a detox specialist in Orange County, CA, I decided that my new path as a Life Coach should be announced formally on my blog. My name is Carlie Dearborn and I have now become a trained and certified Life Coach stressing the increase of potential and ability in women. Of course, I will invest in men as well. But I see such a need and a purpose to empower women to become better people, business owners, wives and mothers.

My spiritual journey started right before I met and married my husband in 2000, at which time I started studying the works of L. Ron Hubbard. It was through the study and application of his works and techniques that I found the tools for life that I had been searching for for quite some time. As a result, I have been able to help hundreds upon hundreds of people with their marriages, detox issues and a whole host of problem that seem to affect us all.

Since then I have now started my own family and have two wonderful, bright and energetic children and enjoy a good and sometimes hectic life here in Orange County, CA. I continue my studies in all fields of life, including business, SEO, traveling, health & wellness and the various techniques and methodologies that help elevate our wisdom, health and happiness.

I love working with women who have an ambition to become a better person and a more enlightened spirit. I am all-denominational and so believe that your belief in God is a personal choice. Regardless of your faith or religious affiliation, I respect all people as I believe that we all possess goodness and are trying to live a better, happier life. Women have unique problems and even though Orange County, CA has great weather, the beaches and much financial opportunity, it can be a rat race where we lose our spirituality and our self-esteem.

As a Life Coach who lives and understands the unique spiritual challenges of living and trying to succeed in Orange County, CA, I am here to offer my help and offer my consul. Please feel free to contact me for a free one-hour consultation. We can talk over coffee and discuss your life, your challenges, your personal goals, as well as the ideal state of living that you would like to see yourself living.