Orange County, CA – A person gripped by addiction will not see the need for drug rehab or entering into some type of drug addiction rehab program. They do not necessarily have the same reality about their addiction that non-addicts might.

An addicted person in the need for rehab will encounter added pressure, which forces them to make an actual decision about whether to seek help or continue to use. Pending legal charges that can rapidly lead to imprisonment, the threat of divorce or loss of employment are all potential scenarios where a person has enough pressure to fight the addiction and seek help. Although any one in particular may not work in your situation, there are pressures that can come to bear which will help motivate the addict into a decision to demand improvement.

The fact remains that an addict will only seek help when some one or some thing pushes him out of his “ addiction comfort zone” and forces him into a decision. Addicts need access to money, a place to live or friends who support his drug or alcohol abuse. This is very important to understand and will be critical in any attempt with intervention.

What Is Truly Ruining The Addict?

The addicted person has most often suffered from a devastating event, such as a loss or an injury. One example is a person that has lost his best friends due to his addiction. Another example is a person losing his wife and child over drug abuse. A family member can look at an addict’s life and see hundreds of reasons why they should quit using. But unfortunately these reasons are not obvious to the addict. These are important to identify because they can be used during the intervention to remind the addict why they must seek help and enter into a drug rehab program.

Who Should Help with The Intervention?

One of the major considerations involving intervention is selecting who will be there. This matter should be well thought out before hand. The number of people there is less important than who is there. If at all possible, the person in the family whom the addict respects and loves the most should be there. This person is an opinion leader for the addict. It is vital that this person be fully supportive of getting the person help and fully grooved in about the actual agenda.

As many family members as possible should be there as long as each and every one are completely in agreement about the fact that the person needs help and are supportive of the general agenda. If someone in the family is antagonistic toward the addict and is not capable of restraining from arguments and blame, then you might consider leaving them out. Although the addict has many enemies and has done wrong to most of the family, arguments and grudges will not benefit the cause of getting the addict to seek treatment. In fact, these will usually result in stopping this from happening because the focus of attention gets placed on the argument and not on the matters at hand.

Why Hire a Professional Interventionist?

Many people hire professional intervention counselors to run the intervention. This is highly advisable in many situations but not a necessity always. This depends largely on individual circumstances. For instance, does the person have a desire for help, or does the person deny completely any drug use? Many factors need to be considered intensely before bringing in an outside person. You may want to seek help in establishing whether this is necessary.

When Is The Right Time To Initiate Action?

When does the intervention take place? Ideally, this has less to do with the family schedule and more to do with what’s going on in the addict’s life. The optimum time for an intervention is just after a major event. Such an event would be if they were arrested, or when he/she has wronged (gambling, theft, stealing, cheating, etc.) a family member and shows remorse or guilt. Another would be spouse leaving. Yet another would be after an overdose. Although you obviously don’t want to risk the addict’s life by postponing until a catastrophe hits, but an intervention will be extremely effective after such events. When the addict is down and feels like their world is coming to an end is the time to take fast action.

An addict’s life is a major roller coaster and the only way an addict can deny their problem is to successfully hide these problems from those who love him. The optimum time to intervene varies.  In the case of cocaine, meth-amphetamine etc. this should be at a time after the addict has slept. This would also be the case with alcohol.  In the case of heroin or other opiate-type drugs, better to aim for the interim between withdrawals and the most recent dose. In either case attempting an intervention while a person is extremely high will usually not be productive because the addict can not see many of his/her problems and their attention will be fixed elsewhere. In general, the timing of the intervention is crucial and needs planning.

As a Drug Intervention Expert, I stand ready to help any family deal with the the critical and emotional problem of drug abuse and addiction.


Orange County, CA – In becoming sober it is vitally important that you engage with a drug rehab interventionist that knows how to successfully deal with the powerful grips of addiction. For many, entering drug rehab can be bring about severe anxiety and fear. But without effective action that is quick and decisive, too many lives are lost.

Having worked in the Orange County drug rehab field, I have helped several hundreds of people throughout the diverse communities of Orange County, CA. I have found that these specific communities have been most effected most by drug addiction, such as, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine, and Rancho Santa Margarita.

As a Life Coach and Detox Interventionist, I understand and recognize the need for the finest treatment and quality care for people struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism.  I work with several residential homes and medical professionals throughout Orange County to ensure that the people I work with have access to the finest medical and clinical care available. This type of competent treatment is combined with advanced holistic treatment methods and individualized attention for the overall greatest well-being throughout and after recovery.

The puzzle of Recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism isn’t easy for anyone, but it is possible. I should know. Many years ago, I too grew up in a dysfunctional family and personally suffered from addiction. I am standing as a testament to any individual’s ability to break free.

Getting clean takes courage, guidance and an effective plan. My personal stratgegy and network of professionals of drug rehab programs offer intervention, detox and treatments as options to help conquer addiction. My goal is always to get to the heart of the problem, deal with the wreckage of your past and build the framework for a new, sobriety-filled life.

Addiction recovery may require extended care. I work with individuals and affected family members to ensure that the proper programs are tailored to the individual’s needs. My overall objective is to offer cutting-edge clinical and holistic methods to renew mind, body and spirit, as well as restoring relationships, goals and a purpose for living. This prepares individuals for long-term sobriety, allowing them to excel in all areas of life.

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