Effective Couples Therapy That Makes Sense

On November 5, 2012, in orange county, by carlie

Orange County, CA – When couples are in need of good therapy, it is important to utilize an experienced Life Coach that utilizes a logical approach to marital problems. Effective couples therapy is much more that airing one’s grievances or finding fault with who is wrong and who is right.

“Recriminations and blame have no part in effective marriage counseling and couples therapy”, states Orange County Life Coach, Carlie Dearborn. “We want to come to a resolution by finding the causes of the problems in the marriage, and hopefully, rebuilding the trust and passion that was once there.”

Couple therapy (or relationship therapy) is a unique process that I feel I can lend some insight and tools to apply to whatever the problem may be. Short term counseling may be between 1 to 3 sessions whereas long term couples therapy may be between 12 and 24 sessions. Moreover, counseling tends to be more about the “here and now” issues and developing life-skills to bring about a more positive outcome. Severe crises can be avoided with effective couples therapy.

I stress that the key tools are learning how to communicate, how to rebuild trust and love, as well as discovering potential persons who have been trying to covertly drive a wedge between a couple. Very often, there are hidden situations that drive a couple into a state of distrust and this can create an seemingly impossible problem to overcome. As a result. jealousy ensues with no solution in sight.

What breaks down all marriages is that they go on “automatic” and they are no longer creating a relationship like they were before. Family issues, bills, starting a new business and keeping up with all the obligations sets the stage for no longer creating time and importance for each other. Soon, they fall into old habits and routines and the next thing you know, someone wants a divorce or contemplates and extra-marital affair.

I offer a free consultation for anyone seeking solutions to their marriage. Let me show you how I can be an effective life line for you with my couples therapy program.