Family Counseling has been sought by more and more families in Orange County based on a recent study on internet searches. Moreover, pastoral counseling is also seeing a revival as more and more people are discovering that traditional psychologists and psychiatrists are no longer helping people with communication and effective therapy, but rather over medicating them after a quick label of some new disorder is assigned to them. Labels do not heal people, nor do they increase communication and understanding in a family situation or a marriage.

Spiritually based family counseling does not require changing faith, but acknowledging the power that we possess as spiritual beings and how to address what we have sensed and perceived is wrong within our own relationships. Each family member needs to have not only their emotional and financial needs met, but it is important to find what drives the person such as their goals and purposes in life. There is no one that does not contribute to the problems in a family, and conversely each person has the power to enhance the happiness and stability within the family.

Family counseling should consist of:

1. An assessment of the problem from all the views of each family member

2. The establishment of common goals that each would attain, so there is agreement.

3. Developing communication skills to deal with the common problems within the family.

4. Discovering how to let others be who they are, while working them to improve themselves and others.

5. Addressing and handling any financial stresses.

6. Confronting and clearing up any infidelity within the marriage.