Relieving Stress Through Spiritual Growth

On September 21, 2011, in Stress, by admin

While so many of us seek spiritual growth within our own lives, it seems to be a constant challenge when we are having to deal with the day-to-day stresses of modern living. The truth of the matter is that none of us can truly seek spiritual growth and enlightenment without first dealing with and relieving stress within our minds and our environment.

The most common barrier to seeing the “big picture” spiritually is being so introverted by the stress connected with business, raising a family and the day-to-day routines that we call life. But in actual fact, one has to rise above spiritually to even improve these aspects. I see too many people waiting for a time when all those stresses will somehow settle down or go away, wasting years, decades or even their entire life to see that what was missing was the perspective that could have only been attained through spiritual growth. It is a Catch 22 so perfectly placed in so many lives that we have accepted this as common place, and even stop questioning that it could be any different.

This is why working with a life coach is so important. When you work with someone who not only understands the elements of what is going on and how to best address the issues one confronts, but one is now working with someone who is outside the problem and can look at the problem objectively. This is not simply a matter of talking about your problems, but gaining insight to the essence of the problems with a unique ability to set priorities to dealing with the problem.

Shrek once said that an ogre is like an onion: It has layers. And so it is with the ogre within all of us that destroys our dreams, ambitions and even our own happiness. It has layers that have built up over time, and with life coaching and a strong personal development program, you can unravel the layers in a sequence that allows one to peel away the complexity of life.

When one does achieve that one a steady progression, one will see a resultant growth in one’s spiritual awareness. Relieving stress and a strong path towards spiritual growth go hand-in-hand. Good coaching is about laying a common sense path to successfully deal with the stresses in life so that one can grow spiritually and have a life filled with purpose, love and true happiness.

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