Childbirth Trauma Counseling Without Drugs

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As a mother of two young happy and healthy children, I understand what it is like to experience childbirth trauma. Moreover, having had counseling without the use of addictive painkillers or drugs I can state that the same type of life coaching and counseling I render can help tens of thousands of women in Orange County, CA to have the same success.

Childbirth trauma is more common than one may think. While mothers relish the love of their new born, the pain and stress of pregnancy and childbirth itself can leave a lasting effect upon one’s state-of-mind and positive outlook on life. Fortunately, Life Coaching at Athena Personal Development & Coaching can help mothers overcome childbirth trauma in a relatively short period of time.

How Childbirth Trauma Begins

The true story of childbirth trauma is not necessarily after one has their baby. In fact, one could have been traumatized when you were born. There is a part of the mind, the Reactive Mind, which is clearly described in the New York Times bestseller, Dianetics. It is these techniques that we employ to successfully help mothers overcome the trauma of childbirth.

Living Healthy As A Mother

It is also important that mothers continue to consult and work with a competent medical doctor for their nutritional and medical needs. As a professional and licensed Life Coach in Orange County, CA, I know the importance of keeping one’s physical health in prime shape. I coordinate with medical doctors often to ensure mothers are getting the medical care, when needed, as a priority before or during my coaching and counseling sessions. Counseling people who need medical help first is of no use, so be sure to take care of all medical needs first.

How The Counseling Is Rendered

Trauma counseling is delivered in a private setting, not within a group. During the counseling you are fully aware of everything as no hypnosis of any kind is utilized. Before you start your counseling, you are shown a 45-minute educational video that take you step-by-step through the counseling procedures. Once you understand fully how the counseling is rendered, and you have all your questions fully answered, the counselor will then begin to address those issues and traumas that you have had your attention on. Traditionally, most women will need no more than 50 hours of counseling, but most only need 25-30 hours on average.

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Trauma And Recovery For Psychosomatic Ailments

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When a person has undergone trauma of any type, whether it be an accident or childbirth, it is vital that the person get trauma counseling on mental aspects that can keep the person from experiencing a full recovery.

What Is a Psychosomatic Ailment?

Stress-related illness is quite common it today’s fast paced society. There is a misconception that physical symptoms that occur due to stress are not serious, or “not real”problems. Psychosomatic illness originates due to  emotional stress or accumulated trauma memories, yet still generates physical symptoms that are real and can harm you as much as symptoms that originate from other means. Believe it or not, it has been estimated that over 90% of doctors visits are due to health problems influenced at least in part by mental stress. So, psychosomatic illness is more common than people realize.

For centuries, doctors have recognized the placebo effect, in which the illusion of treatment, such as pills without an active ingredient, produces real medical benefits. More recently, respectable research has demonstrated that those who frequently experience positive emotions live longer and healthier lives. They have fewer heart attacks, for example, and fewer colds too. By relieving trauma from someone’s life can alleviate psychosomatic symptoms.

How Does Life Coaching Address Trauma?

Life coaching must employ exact techniques, spiritually based, to address the true cause of psychosomatic related symptoms. Life coaching is not about healing the body, as one must seek competent medical help and diagnosis for that. But even after a body has healed, the person themself can still live in fear, anxiety, even grief, from past trauma. Athena Personal Development & Coaching employs the most tested and effective mental therapy for addressing the lasting effects of trauma: Dianetics.

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