When you lose your self-confidence, everything becomes serious, difficult or outright impossible. While self-confidence is something most people would like to build within themselves, they lack the know-how and direction on how to obtain it. A key fundamental to life is the ability to have and forward one’s purpose. Without self-confidence, we cannot sustain the necessary energy and commitment that it takes to make our goals a reality.

Self-confidence and having a high level of self-esteem is a two-way proposition. To increase your self-confidence, you have to understand not only what builds it, but what also what reduces it. If you know why this happens, you can reverse the situation and rebuild your self-esteem. Training and courses are important to learning the essence of “What is self-confidence?” and how to deal with people and situations that undermine the confidence we need so we can succeed and feel fulfilled in our lives. Truly, you can never have too much faith in yourself or your ambitions.

“Training is important as none of us came with an instruction manual on how to live successfully, nor how to deal with negativity.” states Carlie Dearborn. At Athena Personal Development & Coaching, our team has helped thousands of people for over 20 years on discovering the secrets to:

  • What is the true source of security in life?
  • How do self-confidence and self-respect work together to lead to a happier life?
  • What can be done to spot and address negative factors that can wear away at your sense of certainty?
  • Utilizing simple and powerful tools that can be used for the rest of your life.

Here’s a success from our training:

“I have always had trouble with self-confidence, ever since I can remember. I’ve always looked to others for approval rather than myself. Now I know that self-confidence is found in one’s self. I have many comprehensible tools I can apply to my life to ensure I keep my self-confidence.” M.M.

Affordable Courses Offered In Orange County, CA

Athena Personal Development & Coaching has established a series of courses that completely help a person build their self-confidence with real-life tools that can be applied in every situation, regardless if they are applied to business, family, finances or one’s personal dreams. These courses form the core of our successful program to help people transform their lives where almost anything can become a reality. Call Carlie today at 714-264-4230 and find out how to enroll in this life-changing program.

In all my years of coaching people, I am frequently asked the crucial question, “What is the key to building Self-Confidence?” When it comes to building and boosting anyone’s self-confidence, I have discovered a few insights.

What Really Is Self-Confidence?

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I really like this quote, as it hits on the point that I feel is the cornerstone of self-confidence.  Trust in oneself. Trust in your own viewpoint, trust in your own observations, and acting on these without concern for outside argument that would seek to sway you from what you know is true and real for you. I’m sure you can recall a time or two when you knew you were confident.  You knew exactly how to handle a specific circumstance in your life, and you did.

Clearing Up a Common Misconception On Self-Confidence.

I have found one major common misconception about the coveted quality of self-confidence that has tricked many. There is a broad and misleading idea that self-confidence is cockiness or arrogance.  This is very far from the truth.  Being cocky and arrogant is fundamentally opposite to true self-confidence. And while both can imply assertiveness, in my observation they are differentiated in this way:

  • Self-confidence is inspiring to others.
  • Arrogance leads to degrading others.
As I’m sure you can agree, when I am around someone who is arrogant about the only thing I want to do is walk away, at best.  Arrogant people are one-sided and clearly only serve themselves.  Their viewpoint is asserted so they can “be right”.  They are not exactly friendly even when appearing happy and smiling.  They leave you feeling confused, on the defense and introverted.  They demand respect, but do not earn it.
But how about a someone who is truly self-confident?  They engage in beautiful communication that includes interest in you and your viewpoint.  Your viewpoint is valued by them.  Their viewpoint is asserted, but with a certainty that it is for the good of all.  They are respectful toward others and therefore are respected in turn.
What About Your Own Self-Confidence?
Maybe you feel that your self-confidence is lacking.  I know how you feel, we’ve all been there and have felt that way at some point in our lives.  Much of the time arrogance shows up to hide low self-confidence.  Don’t let others fool you into believing it is a desirable quality to emulate. It’s a shortcut that leads nowhere. In my experience as a Life Coach here’s what I’ve found.  It is markedly improved by identifying and addressing a few simple things like these:
  • Some people masquerade as your friends, but are actually tearing you down.  These can be co-workers, family members, neighbors, just about anyone.  You need to learn how to identify specific behaviors that will help to steer you away from self-confidence wreckers.
  • Discover your true purpose in life, and live & work according to it.  Doing work that is meaningless to you, day in and day out, is one sure way to forever drag your feet, become sour about life, feel a lack of drive and confidence.  Living your dream may seem a little “pie in the sky”, but look at the alternative!  While there may be more to improving your confidence, it’s sure a lot easier to build it when you’re doing things you love!
  • There is always something to be said for ethical living.  Don’t let unethical choices be your demise.  An ethical, honest person lives a much happier and confident life.  I subscribe to the precepts in this short, powerful booklet and film The Way To Happiness to ensure a smooth and confident sail through my day-to-day life.
  • And don’t forget Knowledge.  Take a course or courses.  Find out more about the world you live in.  There is a wealth of knowledge out there for you.  Don’t let television define what you know.  Crack open a book and learn something new.  Take a Life Improvement Course to enrich your life.
I look forward to helping positive-minded individuals build their own self-confidence, so that they build their best self and go on to achieve their heart-felt goals.