Orange County, CA – As a small business coach and business owner, I know that challenges that face women who are attempting to start and run a small business of their own. What will make your experience easier, more fulfilling, as well as more profitable, is your ability to network with other professional business owners and small business coaches who have overcome the very challenges you now face.

There are quite a few benefits that a Small Business Coach can provide you when you are starting your own business in Orange County, Ca or anywhere for that matter. Some of the benefits may seem obvious, but some of the greater benefits to retaining a Small Business Coach are a bit more subtle, but even more beneficial to your bottom line.

“Over 85% of small and medium-sized businesses fail in the first five years. It is not just the tools; it’s the accountability that makes coaching work. Most business owners are not accountable to anybody.” says business expert, Richard Bernstein. With this type of accountability with your Small Business Coach, you now have to generate a high level of performance right out of the gate. Targets and goals no longer stay on your yellow pad or in your head. We translate them to immediate actions, and so results come about more rapidly. This relationship with your coach becomes a powerful generator for actions, results and profits.

The prime tools that I utilize when coaching go beyond goals, plans and marketing – although these are definitely part of our program. There are other elements, more personal, that are just as key to any business person’s success. Issues such as effective communication skills, building self-confidence and how to keep yourself motivated are just as crucial to small business success as anything else.

Most small business coaching programs start with a free consultation to see if coaching is what the entrepreneur or small business owner really needs. While the benefits to small business coaching are enormous, factually, it is not for everyone. Moreover, it is critical that the Small Business Coach and the business owner have a great connection and synergy, as this is about forming a long-term partnership for success. Any great Small Business Coach will tell you that coaching is about teamwork and forwarding mutually agreed upon goals, strategies and tactics.

As a Small Business Coach, I know I can offer you valuable assistance. Call me for a free consultation.

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Orange County, CA – Athena Personal Development & Coaching is now offering our business coach services to small and medium businesses. An important aspect of needing a business coach is locating the sources of problems in expansion, HR, marketing and other key areas of business development and organization.

Moreover, a sharp business coach will be able to offer insight to areas of potential expansion, untapped markets as well as new techniques to increase visibility and sales. For most business owners, the problem is not lack of ideas or bright, innovative plans. The biggest questions are those that are “HOW” related. Some of these HOW issues can be:

  • Converting my ideas into my business
  • Strategic plans to tactical actions
  • Maximizing profit potential in the market place
  • Increasing sales
  • Best online marketing practices for my particular niche
  • How to conduct cost-effective PR that will draw in new leads and sales
  • Organizational patterns to increase employee efficiency
  • Drawing up company policy
  • Getting my son/daughter to take the reins of my business
  • Patching up bad customer relations from the past
  • Hiring and training effective, happy employees
  • Conducting financial planning that makes sense
  • Increasing production capability and efficiency
  • Quality control issues
  • Building a brand that commands attention and respect
  • Developing powerful word-of-mouth practices that builds exponentially

As a fellow entrepreneur and small business owner for a few years, I have seen greater growth than most personal development and life coaches within the industry. Working by my side is my husband, Edwin, and with his 24 year experience in marketing and managing hundreds of employees, we have a powerful team that can bring insight to your endeavors.

A recent independent study on the value and effectiveness of business coaching conducted by the UK-based Cogent Research has provided some interesting data about the overall impact of business coaching and its effect on business.

The UK research comes on the heels of a recent U.S. study of coached companies in South Florida that despite the recession, had grown revenues by more than $12 million. That study also showed coached businesses saw a return on investment (ROI) of 7.5 to 1. This means that there was a $7.50 in return for every $1 invested in coaching. In the UK, Cogent found the following statistics:

  • 74% of businesses that were coached increased sales last year compared to only 43% of non-coached businesses
  • 30% average annual sales growth in businesses that were coached, compared to only 13% in non-coached businesses
  • 53% of businesses that were coached increased profits last year compared to only 35% of non-coached businesses
  • 77% of businesses that were coached forecast growth in profit in next 12 months
  • 30% of businesses that were coached increased their profits in the last 12 months by more than 50,000 pounds Sterling
  • 56% of businesses that were coached increased their workforce compared to only 14% of non-coached businesses
  • 91% of businesses that were c0ached have a plan for the next quarter compared to only 37% in non-coached businesses
  • 97% of coached businesses would recommend coaching to other SME’s (small and medium enterprises)

Those businesses interested in experiencing this same level of success should call us and get a one-hour business analysis for no charge, to see how a business coach can expand your business throughout Orange County, CA and even the world.