Ethics Training Program

On March 15, 2013, in business coaching, by carlie

ethics training programThe business world, schools and families are truly in the need for an effective ethics training program to help them survive better in all endeavors in life.

Any ethics training program that is offered, to be effective, must be composed of the various factors in correct decision making as well as how to live ethically and remain happy. While a sense of ethics is native to people, ethics training is still required to not only establish a clear set of rules, but to also debunk false ethical concepts that seem rampant in our world.

Why An Ethics Training Program Is So Beneficial

Individuals and companies that truly and clearly exemplify ethical values will gain trust, respect and more support. The advantages of ethical behavior and policy include:

  • Higher revenues, due to a demand from positive consumer support.
  • Improved brand and business awareness and recognition.
  • Better employee motivation and recruitment potential.
  • New sources of finance from ethical investors.

Any Ethics Training Program Addresses Core Issues

By definition, values reflect what you believe is “right and wrong,” not merely what you think is something you can get away with or is immediately advantageous.  If you try to live core values based on how they will expedite your goals only, you will toss them overboard whenever they seem to be “impractical” or in the way. Disposable core values are not really core values at all. Business ethics involves developing and enforcing policy that align with a company’s core values and are not flexible from day to day. True core values are not something you compromise with based on that day or circumstance. They are so fundamentally a part of your company’s identity that you will not deviate from it in any situation.

Although I firmly believe that living core values promotes maximum business success—and my definition of business success includes profitability—I’ve observed that organizations that benefit most from living their core values tend to define success in light of their values. They’re working for rewards that are substantially greater than profitability alone.

We Offer A World Class Ethics Training Program

Athena Personal Development & Coaching is located in Orange County, CA and we cater to individuals, companies as well as families. Ethics courses and character education represent a core aspect of the services we deliver at our facility.  Call us for a free consultation or visit our Google+ Local page.

Ethics Coaching

On March 15, 2013, in business coaching, by carlie

ethics coachingEthics coaching represents an empowering partnership between coach and client to help the client achieve his or her personal goals more effectively and efficiently than he or she could do alone.

The foundation of ethics coaching is the client’s structure of core values, identified through a process of study of the subject, looking at what is important to one, as well as the discovery of what are the core values that establishes the edges of our pathway to an ideal life. We achieve this by addressing core issues of ethics and then having each individual clearly establish a pattern to integrate these principles in everyday living.

 What Is The Purpose Of Ethics Coaching?

In a world that is constantly asking itself, “What is right and what is wrong?”, that simple question can become more complex in the business world, as well as our overall experience in a fast paced society. The purpose of Ethics Coaching is simple: Living authentically in alignment to what is truthful, fair and with honest accomplishment. When one has and follows a code of ethics, one assures that one will walk a path of happiness.

Business Ethics & Ethics Coaching

A common reason why ethics coaching is sought is for application in the business world.  Business ethics has grown into a world-wide concern with added complexity, with copyrights, identity theft and corporate espionage.

Investopedia defines Business Ethics as, “The study of proper business policies and practices regarding potentially controversial issues, such as corporate governance, insider trading, bribery, discrimination, corporate social responsibility and fiduciary responsibilities. Business ethics are often guided by law, while other times provide a basic framework that businesses may choose to follow in order to gain public acceptance.”

How Our Ethics Coaching Is Rendered

Our approach to ethics coaching is very personal, as well as confidential. We offer several courses as the core aspect of our coaching, so that we have established definitive concepts of what personal ethics are comprised of and how any individual can establish, with complete certainty, on what is right and what as wrong. Additionally, we help our clientele to spot a small percentage of people who drive one to make unethical decisions.

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