Orange County, CA – In becoming sober it is vitally important that you engage with a drug rehab interventionist that knows how to successfully deal with the powerful grips of addiction. For many, entering drug rehab can be bring about severe anxiety and fear. But without effective action that is quick and decisive, too many lives are lost.

Having worked in the Orange County drug rehab field, I have helped several hundreds of people throughout the diverse communities of Orange County, CA. I have found that these specific communities have been most effected most by drug addiction, such as, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine, and Rancho Santa Margarita.

As a Life Coach and Detox Interventionist, I understand and recognize the need for the finest treatment and quality care for people struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism.  I work with several residential homes and medical professionals throughout Orange County to ensure that the people I work with have access to the finest medical and clinical care available. This type of competent treatment is combined with advanced holistic treatment methods and individualized attention for the overall greatest well-being throughout and after recovery.

The puzzle of Recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism isn’t easy for anyone, but it is possible. I should know. Many years ago, I too grew up in a dysfunctional family and personally suffered from addiction. I am standing as a testament to any individual’s ability to break free.

Getting clean takes courage, guidance and an effective plan. My personal stratgegy and network of professionals of drug rehab programs offer intervention, detox and treatments as options to help conquer addiction. My goal is always to get to the heart of the problem, deal with the wreckage of your past and build the framework for a new, sobriety-filled life.

Addiction recovery may require extended care. I work with individuals and affected family members to ensure that the proper programs are tailored to the individual’s needs. My overall objective is to offer cutting-edge clinical and holistic methods to renew mind, body and spirit, as well as restoring relationships, goals and a purpose for living. This prepares individuals for long-term sobriety, allowing them to excel in all areas of life.

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Orange County Alcohol Rehab Begins Now!

On July 13, 2012, in intervention, by carlie

The problem with alcohol abuse is that it can begin too easily. In Orange County, CA it has been socially acceptable to drink at lunch, dinner at home and at social functions. Alcohol permeates practically all of the events and celebrations of our life. But for the person with alcohol dependency or alcoholism, alcohol rehab becomes a necessity if they are to survive and be happy.

The recreational use of alcohol easily spirals into alcohol abuse, alcohol dependency and alcoholism. These are all labels for the same thing – your alcohol use is creating problems in your life. Many in Orange County believe that need to drink to relax, escape or kill the pain but the only thing drinking will bring you is more problems and more pain. Guaranteed. If you haven’t already suffered consequences of lost relationships, work and career opportunities, health problems or involvement with the law, it’s just a matter of time. Now is the time to seek the help and expertise with an Interventionist who specializes in alcohol rehab.

Alcoholism has been defined as a disease by the American Medical Association in that it is chronic, debilitating and fatal if left untreated. Alcohol is responsible for nearly half of all automobile accidents in the United States. It is frequently a major contributor in domestic violence incidents, homicides and suicides. If you or a loved one are caught in the grip of alcoholism, don’t despair. We can help with their rehab.

I am dedicated to helping you get free from alcoholism and reclaim your life. The abuse of alcohol starts with trauma and/or loss in our lives. As an highly experienced Life Coach and counselor, I can show you an alcohol treatment program that combines the finest medical and clinical therapy available with advanced holistic treatment.

I offer professional intervention assistance, while providing several options for specialized inpatient alcohol treatment programs and transitional living programs. Let me help provides the tools and the support necessary to make a successful transition to recovery and a life filled with sobriety.

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