Epsom Salt Bath Benefits With Detox

On October 19, 2011, in Detox, by carlie

When dealing with a person who is coming off of drugs, it is important that you are ensuring that they are getting proper and professional medical care and attention. Having worked for years in helping hundreds of people detox from numerous drugs and alcohol, I found an additional method to help calm the nerves of those going through the detox process. Out of necessity, I had utilized an Epsom salt bath and found the benefits of Epsom salts to help calm the nerves of a particular client.

One of my clients was coming off of heroin and could not hold any food or nutritional supplements down. Due to the violence of withdrawals, it was key to somehow render a method to keep the person calm as much as possible. A common remedy for this is to ingest calcium/magnesium, a mineral combination that has been found to help reduce stress and relax the nerves and muscles. But the option of having this person ingest this was not plausible as any type of food or liquid would induce vomiting.

Writing in pain, I needed to find an immediate solution to calm my client down without the use of more drugs. I then remembered that my husband was a fond fan of Epsom salt baths and how he found relief in this ancient remedial therapy. Your body can accumulate a residue of medications and impurities from the environment. Soaking in a bath of Epsom salt can pull these toxins from the cells of your body through reverse osmosis. This is a process where salt is drawn from your body and the toxins come with it. It can also soothe your nerves by balancing your electrolytes.

My client had requested some type of relief and so I suggested a Epsom salt bath to help the person ingest its soothing and detoxifying properties through their pores. Within 20 minutes my client discovered a new source of relief from pain and the resultant panic. Throughout that night, that person had taken 3 more subsequent epsom salt baths that allowed him to relax and get the needed rest that ne needed while coming down from powerful drugs. Of course, this brought me great joy that I was able to assist this individual who was experiencing great pain during a critical part of his detox process.

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