Treatment For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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treatment for post traumatic stress disorderMany Americans seek treatment for post traumatic stress disorder for family members and even sometimes themselves. Trauma and anxiety that can lead to the “roller coaster” feelings associated with PTSD can be successfully addressed over a period of time with competent counseling.

Common symptoms and signs of PTSD include anxiety, nightmares, stress, lowered self-confidence, self-esteem issues, anger, blaming others, long episodes of grief and a whole array of misemotions and negative thoughts.

What Does Treatment For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Consist Of?

Treating PTSD can require many types of counseling techniques, depending on the physical and emotional state of the individual that we are working with. There is no one “One size fits all” program, as we believe that each individual has unique experiences and circumstances.

Often, we require that the individual seek competent medical assistance first, as people with PTSD can be run down, have not been eating right or may even have an undetected physical ailment that needs to be addressed first. When a person’s medical needs are addressed or at least under control, then we feel confident that we can begin with our trauma counseling.

Our trauma counselors address these main aspects. First, handling any current stress factors that may be causing the person to feel like they are a “roller coaster”. This can come from negative people, bad environments or even unresolved issues from the past. This can take days or even 1-2 weeks, depending on the person and their circumstances.

Secondly, we utilize very modern methods to deal with trauma and pain that is contained in past memories. While we do not use any form of hypnosis, having the person recall incidents from their past will start to bring relief to the lasting effects of trauma and grief.

Does Treatment For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Take A Long Time?

An entire program to fully address PTSD can take several weeks, even a few months. This is dependent on the individual as well as the intensity of time invested in their counseling and courses.

Where Do I Begin?

Call me for a free consultation on how we can help someone with treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. You can also check us out at Google+ Local

Getting Help For PTSD

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Getting Help For PTSD

It can be a question in your mind on where to get help for PTSD, particularly when you have to handle having a friend or family member with what has been termed as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Moreover, some individuals manifest the symptoms so severely that therapy with a certified Life Coach should be sought. PTSD therapy that does not use harmful and addictive drugs has been shown to be very beneficial to the health and overall well-being of those suffering from it.

Does A Life Coach Help For PTSD?

As a Life Coach that has worked with all types of depression and anxiety, I know that there are therapy methods that do not necessarily require the use of psychotropics or years of therapy. Helping the body heal naturally is the ideal that we always strive for. Working closely with competent M.D’s, I always ensure that anyone suffering from PTSD has a full medical checkup to ensure that person is addressing any biophysical concerns and issues.

After any medical concerns are addressed, I begin to administer help for PTSD with counseling that helps to address any past trauma. The type of trauma that we counsel can be from combat, childhood or even severe accidents in life.

What Makes Our Counseling Unique?

Athena Personal Development and Coaching is unique in that our counseling methods are spiritually based, not stressing the false psychological ideas that stress is stored only in the brain or that people cannot ever overcome PTSD. We believe that the person is a spirit and can change and overcome stress and trauma. While it may not be easy, we still understand that each person possesses the native ability to change for the better, making their future more ideal.

Our counseling methods are based on long-term workable techniques that help reduce the effects of trauma, anxiety and bad experiences that are hard to confront or even remember.


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