How Low Self Esteem Is Addressed

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Addressing low self esteem successfully and stably can appear to be a difficult task for someone who has struggled with it for years. The key to addressing self esteem is a two way proposition. While one needs to address those factors that suppress our native desire to become and do better, it is also important to build self esteem with important life skills and know-how.

In the past, traditional psychotherapy has tended to place labels on people, suggest addictive medication or at best, try to get the person to engage in some type of positive activity. But the key to understanding low self esteem is locating the factors that generate it, or keep the person in a state of inactivity that prevents from accomplishing goals in life that lead to high self esteem.

Negative People Must Be Addressed

One of the crucial elements in handling low self esteem is addressing negative people in one’s life, whether in the present or in the past. Even though the person may no longer be a part of their life currently, it is important to identify what occurred in the past and why. This is more than “rehashing the past”, but going back and gaining an understanding that leads to a higher peace of mind. While no one can change the past, we can understand it better so we can look forward with more optimism.

The Gaining Of Life-Skills

One can progress simply by looking to the past and addressing negative factors. One must as well, to build a long-term plan for higher self esteem, gain important life skills so one can succeed. These are mainly in the area of communication, problem solving, handling relations, how to plan and obtain goals in life, as well as a host of others covering marriage, parenting and even business and finance.

Life Coaching Is Personalized & Positive

Life coaching is different in that it stresses the generating of positive results, versus spending years talking over and over about the complexities of life. While communicating our problems with someone who will listen is therapeutic, there is a point where the talking needs to lead to positive growth and progress in life. If you are looking to make positive progress in life, then let us help you with our coaching services.

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How To Help Low Self-Esteem

On June 17, 2012, in self confidence, by carlie

It is vitally important that we all learn how to help ourselves overcome low self-esteem if we are to achieve our goals in life, finance, love and anything else in life.

There a number of factors that must be addressed to identify the actual source of negative thoughts, self-doubt or feeling that one just isn’t “good enough”. To build back one’s confidence we need to first identify the sources of low self-esteem. These may be:

  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Past pain, trauma or loss
  • Overall mental depression and lowered emotional tone
  • Nutritional & Health
  • Lack of goals or accomplishment of them

Once the actual area or source(s) of low self-esteem has been located we can develop a plan for the removal of those factors, or at least lessening somewhat the negative effects that they have upon your life. This can simply be achieved by developing some better communication skills, overcoming a long-enduring conflict or changing some type of personal habit that may be contributing to sustaining the cause of your problem.

Once these negative factors have been lessened, which can takes weeks or even months, we now develop some key life-skills that will build self-esteem and increase confidence in what one is doing in life and where one is going in the future. A key part of this process is clearly stating, in writing, specific goals that person wants to reach and feels that could be reached. What the goal or the time frame in which we set it to be reached in is not as key as establishing what is “Point B” in which to arrive at within a stated time frame. They key is that we establish a goal that you are truly happy at achieving.

Next it is important to now get into the tactical, the step-by-step actions that we lead us towards your stated goal. These action steps are now started, even on as simple of a gradient as taking a walk or as high as writing and executing a complex business plan. Each person’s situation and problems are unique. So are the ways we go about helping an individual to lessen the threats to self-esteem, while building a path towards greater confidence and worthwhile achievement.

Your first step to higher self-esteem and achievement of your goals is to take this FREE Personality Test. I will analyze the results so as to help you identify the sources of your low self-esteem.

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