Women & Their Cheating Husbands

On November 6, 2011, in marriage counseling, by carlie

Infidelity is almost as old as time itself. How women deal with their cheating husbands is too an age-old problem that has been an ageless theme of poems, novels and Hollywood scripts. But with all the talk, where is the understanding or that elusive solution? The problem is bigger than one might suspect, even here in Orange County, CA

The psychiatrist and psychologist would contend that women and their cheating husbands are victim to biological or subconscious urges that are pre-programmed, and thus not under their control. Their contribution to the mix is that the male brain is to blame and that quite possibly enough of the right drug will curb the urge. But their long-term failure clearly states otherwise. Moreover, the fact that a thousands experts in these “sciences” have just as almost many opinions, divergent and inconsistent within each other, shows that they have no true understanding of marriage, men or why anyone cheats.

Cheating husbands, and the women that try to love them still, is also the subject of many religious scriptures. From demonic possession, to threats of unholy existences if they do not repent, has also left us with partial answers. Religion though is much more closer to the truth that the “brain boys” in that the true source of this problem is much more spiritual than biochemical.

In truth, the factors that cause a person can cheat can be simple to very complex. There can be a combination of reasons or just one basic cause. Each individual is different, even though the problem seems to be the same. And while good advice and threats of damnation are aplenty, these do very little to reach and remove the source of this ancient conundrum.

True personal development and spiritual coaching is based on sound counseling methods. Coupled with the use of a proper code of conduct that conforms with the needs and wants of both marriage partners, cheating can be resolved in many cases. But it is important that a small percentage of people are beyond help. They are too gripped by their compulsions that will not submit to change or true help.

When families are torn apart and we find ourselves involved in rage, grief or even apathy, it is wise to seek true spiritual counsel from a life coach that can help to shed light on the issue and help resolve the various factors that have lead any cheating person to a path of self-destruction and unhappiness.